Early intervention and treatment for social anxiety disorder in adolescents

This study will focus on early intervention and treatment for fear of public speaking in adolescents. The aim is to treat adolescents at an early onset and give this young group of people an adequate treatment before they develop social anxiety disorder.

We will demonstrate how innovative technology can be used within the project and in future development of treatments. The study will use Virtual Reality (VR) as a treatment method, and will be a part of the INTROMAT-project. By using virtual reality, adolescents can expose themselves to social stimuli with low risk in a safe, virtual environment. The specific VR-situation developed will be speaking in front of a class, with possibilities to vary the reactions of the listeners as well as getting feedback on own performance. A pilot phase with case series to examine the VR situation’s ability to elicit anxiety reactions will be followed by a randomized controlled trial to examine the effect of the VR intervention.