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Gynecological cancer patients and survivors have needs, not adequately met in the current cancer trajectory with recurrence-centered follow-ups. These include health related quality of life and coping with the disease, and are enhanced by the fact that gynaecological cancer affects both intimacy and sexuality. A parallel development with shorter in-patient hospitalization and an expected reduction in physical follow-up appointments in future reduces face to face contact moments.

Together, these necessitate development of alternative and more holistic follow-ups. Various face-to- face psychosocial, educational and counselling interventions have shown to have effect on gynaecological cancer survivors’ coping and quality of life. E-Health technology gives large potential as an alternative way to provide such support. E-Health technology also allows to open up for growing numbers of cancer survivors with less physical contacts with health care personnel. It comes however with its own challenges, especially in this elderly, a comparatively often less computer-literate population. In this intervention, we will use various e-tools to improve women’s quality of life and coping. Such tools will include (a number of) the following components: Self assessments, Tailored self-management support, Information modules, Mindfulness module including excercises and Communication.

For this project we are in close collaboration with a very enthousiastic and active group of end-users who help to both shape the content and give critical feedback on the perceived usefulness and user interface.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][vc_column_text]Domain expert

Henrica Werner

Team role
Domain expert for psycho-social support for women recovering from gynecological cancer
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Ragnhild Sekse

Team Role
Project member, Psycho-social support for women recovering from gynecological cancer

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