28. February 2018

Scientific advisory council meeting

Four of the experts in the scientific advisory council came to Bergen over two days, the 7th and 8th of February, to council the project and our PhD candidates and Post Doc […]
28. February 2018

Intromat in Aftenposten

“Norwegian app seeks to prevent depression“, Intromat’s plans for an app for bipolar disorder is mentioned in Aftenposten this week in the article  “Slik overvåker maskiner følelsene dine” by Tore […]
25. January 2018

ChatBot meeting

Intromat held a ChatBot meeting at Haukeland with SINTEF and other participants from the project and from Helse Bergen. A total of 26 people participated.
25. September 2017

Research gathering at Finse

At the 6th-7th of September 2017 INTROMAT held their first research gathering. 20 participants were gathered over two days at Finse to discuss research questions and increase collaboration between cases and work […]
27. August 2017

Vi er allerede på banen

Link to Norwegian article in Bergens Tidende. “Det offentlige helsevesenet oppfordres i BT-lederen 3. august til å ta i bruk teknologi for å øke brukervennligheten for pasienter. Siden 2013 har […]
6. April 2017

Kan virtual reality og stemmegjenkjenning brukes i behandling av psykisk syke?

Link to film in Norwegian about virtual reality and voice recognition – By PI and Project manager Tine Nordgreen Prosjektleder for Intromat, Tine Nordgreen, holdt innlegg på Næringslivsdagen 2017 #stabiltustabilt.
30. March 2017

The 9th scientific meeting of ISRII

The 9th scientific meeting of the International Society for Research on Internet Interventions (ISRII) will take place in Berlin 12-14 October 2017. Press the link and sign up for updates […]