Presentation from INTROMAT at The Converstations 2019 conference

The Conversations 2019 conference, an international workshop focusing on chatbot research, was held in Amsterdam on the 19th and 20th of November. One of our colleagues, Oda Elise Nordberg, presented a paper she and six other INTROMAT co-workers has written regarding how we can design chatbots to facilitate peer support in an online self-help program for adults with ADHD. The paper will later be published in the post-workshop proceedings in Springer LNCS. 

The first day of the conference focused on chatbots for customer service, chatbot framework and application, and chatbots for collaboration. The first day ended with the keynote speaker S. Shyam Sundar from Penn State University presenting about human interactions with chatbots and artificial intelligence. On the second day the focus was on chatbots in education, understanding chatbots and users, and human-like chatbots. 

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