Psycho-social support for women recovering from gynecological cancer

Gynecological cancer patients and survivors have needs not adequately met in the current cancer trajectory with recurrence-centered follow-ups including issues related to intimacy and sexuality as well as women’s health related quality of life and coping. A parallel development is shorter in-patient hospitalization and expected reduction in physical follow-up appointments in future along with growing numbers of cancer survivors.

Together, these necessitate development of alternative and more holistic follow-ups. Various face-to- face psychosocial, educational and counselling interventions have shown to have effect on women’s coping and quality of life with gynecological cancer. eHealth technology gives large potential to provide such health care, also to growing populations of cancer survivors with less physical contacts with health care personnel. It comes however with its own challenges in this elderly, less computer literate population. In this intervention, we will use various e-tools to improve women's quality of life and coping. Such tools may include the following components Assessment, Tailored self-management support; Information and Communication.