WP3: Core clinical process

WP3 will provide a modular and flexible ICT infrastructure with corresponding tools that supports the core clinical processes in the mental health domain. The research will be performed by combining state of the art techniques from the fields of Model Driven Software Engineering (MDSE), Interaction Design(ID) and Software Language Design(SLD). The infrastructure will be used both for conducting research with ICT in mental health and as a reference architecture for development of e-health services. Objectives: (1) Establish the necessary infrastructure for experimenting with the use of new ICT for mental health. (2) Establish infrastructure to carry out clinical trials to test new ICT in mental health herin establishment of a high level reference architecture for mental health including the description of the interoperability with the clinical support systems (EHR, Medical Research Databases etc.). (3) Transition of knowledge to the health sector and provide means such that the ICT industry could develop new ICT solutions for mental health by offering domain specific APIs and domain specific development tools.


Yngve Lamo

Team Role
Work package leader for core clinical process – WP 3